In the industry, where every ad gives you feeling” it is same”, It is an old idea” and all that. It means viewers want to see a unique idea. The “wow” factor must come out. The marketing landscape becomes saturated with several ads that make the audience feel that they have trapped. In Pakistan, the industry has been making numerous ads but few ads can click the viewers. Advertising is the process that needs creativity as well as to use your best talent. There are the best TV ads in 2018 that contain all the material to inspire the viewers. These attention-grabbing ads are given below.

  1. PEL AC Ad

This ad shows that the dark ages of advertising have come to an end. It’s great because the idea behind this ad is amazing. In this ad, the motto is “change your Life”. Technology that is used by PEL is amazing that saves you’re your budget and provides your more comfortable. Without doing derogatory and preachy, the agency has formed light-hearted and cost-effective ad. In an informative and impressive way, they have conveyed their message to use the PEL AC that comes with modern technology. The commercial does not boast of many qualities but mentioned our power outage issues. It has attracted the audience with its new technology concept.


  1. Yummy Ice Cream Ad

A new idea is used in this ad. Ice cream is the source to distribute happiness. It is the fact that Ice-Cream is the most favorite dessert of people of all ages. This is the reason it is used to create and develop a friendship with people, kids, and families. This is an award-winning thought that provides solidity to thoughts. The models work in the ad at their best because everything is accurately acted.


  1. Day Fresh Ad

The message is given that Day Fresh’s focus is on the Kid’s health and fitness. In this campaign, the light is thrown, on the issue that the day started with Day Fresh Milk will be fresh. Children will be active and energetic for the whole day. The motivational video clip and this commercial are great in terms of using talent and the idea that is used in the ad. The concept is simple and leaves a thought-provoking message with minimal but solid branding. Mothers are taught to pay attention to children nutrients.


  1. Visual Prophecy

This is a commercial that is related to the common conservative thought about the inferiority of Women. Educating a woman is as important as educating a man. In the subcontinent, girls are treated as the inferior person in the home. They do not get any kind of encouragement from their childhood as compared to their brothers. In this ad, Salma was discouraged in all phases against his brother. The message behind this ad is to encourage women because they are talented and have same rights.


  1. Samsung Ad

The mission behind this ad is to promote the talent that can be discovered in the street cricket. With Samsung, the ordinary cricket becomes special. It is a nice feeling to play with new bats and more organized way. It is fun for fans of the cricket.