422 Talent is more specific about the privacy of its clients and talent. We make sure to get you engage with the right clients to give you proficient professional exposure. In order to keep our data saved from the negative factors online, we use to focus on some policy facts. We make sure to keep the information confidential and its appropriate use. We have following policy limits settled to ensure the protection of rights of user’s information:

  1. All the user’s or talent information and portfolio will be live on site with the complete authorization
  2. 422 Talent have the copyrights of the portfolio pictures on site of the talent
  3. Only the authorized information will be displayed and shared with the client about talent
  4. 422 Talent collects only basic personal information that includes:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Age
    • Personal statistics (for portfolio)
    • Interests
    • Occupation
    • Picture (for portfolio)
  5. The extensive contact information and further details are only shared with the clients when there is a signing of agreement
  6. For kids’ talent models, 422 Talent requires proper authorization and consent of parents or guardians before letting them live on site.
  7. Open information of the models can be amended according to their consent and requirement.
  8. Any model can make prior request to remove his/her portfolio from the site after a proper reasoning and intimation.
  9. To sustain the information security online 422 Talent adopt all possible tools and tactics that can help.
  10. 422 Talent have the rights reserved to make any appropriate changes in the privacy policy.